Monday, December 10, 2012

And What A Character

I was cruising craigslist at the truck stop when I saw the ad - “Miss Danu’s World Class Massage.”  My low back and legs were already killing me on my drive from Chicago to Minneapolis.  This should be just the ticket!

Over the phone she sounded like a sensible kind of bodyworker.  Full body, professional, payment in cash.  I gave her my estimated time of arrival, noon.  Yes! Ready and set to break up the long drive with some hands-on relief and relaxation!

She came to the door, a woman of a certain age, hair longish and loose, dressed in black.  The place looked respectable enough.  There were Halloween decorations dotting the porch and living room.  The hookahs on the shelves gave me cause for pause.  She followed my gaze.  “Oh those… a collection from my time in the Middle East.  Strictly for smoking tobacco steeped in fruit syrup.  Ever tried one?”  “Not recently.”

She got me situated in the studio - candles, a fresh glass of ice and pitcher of water.  Something was playing in the background, was it “The Phantom of the Opera?”  I hoped she would put something more relaxing on in short order - maybe elevator music?

Knock, knock. In she came wearing a witch hat.  “What’s this?” I asked.  “Well, in keeping with the season I thought you might enjoy - massage by a witch.”  “Sure, whatever.”  I wouldn’t have to see anything anyway, face down in the headrest.  Why not let her have a little fun, just humor her.

I was enjoying her skillful style and the tension was melting right out of my areas of concern.  “Nice hands.” I complimented her.  Too soon - “Time to turn over?”  “Fine.”  She switched the CD to something foreign and rhythmic, a little too upbeat for my mood.  The next thing I knew she was doing something that looked like a belly dance.

Happily that only lasted for a minute or two.  Is she a witch or a belly dancer?

At this point she put on some lush piano music.  That’s more like it!  Finally.  I surrendered my feet to the start of side two.  Love those pressure points!  The massage moved right along as she struck all the right notes.  Why not a little entertainment here?  Got to give her credit for a little creativity.  No harm done.

My hour of respite was fast coming to an end.  It’s always over too soon.  She was finishing with a scalp massage and a few light strokes on my face when an old, familiar song came on and she sang along…

(Over the Rainbow)

THE END (but no happy ending).

Winter Waits

Winter Waits Deer tongue lettuce leaves rise after December frost again liking the sky Hazy low hanging sun peeking from Northern skies warms cold winter eyes Morning fog beading black wool jacket warm December's breath April in December bare skin drinks in the sun's last kiss sweet surrender - this Silver ferns of ice tick tack a froznen snail's track acrss frosted window panes

Sunday, December 9, 2012

And WHAT A Character

"A Fish on a Dish, Is That What You Wish?" (lyrics from The Incredible String Band) by Brandy Larson Aug 2012 Wish n. desire or longing for a specific thing inclination, petition, invoke (upon), entreat, expression (of desire) ME wisshen - OE wyscan "Be careful of what you wish for" Mom said, and "don't wish your life away." I think this is mainly said to children. "Your wish is my command" the genie said. "When you wish upon a star, your dreams come true" Jimminy Cricket said ("Pinocchio"). "If wishes were horses beggars would ride." Proverb "Dreams are wish fulfillment." Freud said. One can mistake wishes with reality - an example of wishful (magical?) thinking. And how about "wishy-washy?" What is a wish, really? For me it is a form of manifesting. Wishing has an element of intent. And intent has the power to make something happen. Children wish to grow up. Teenagers wish for romance. Young people might wish for glamor or fame. Middleagers wish for excitement, or maybe retirement? And elders might occasionally wish for youth! Full circle. Who has not wished on a star, wished for luck or wished for change? We've all wished for time to speed up - or to slow down. Or wished we'd done things differently? What have you wished for? I've mainly wished for romance, but not recently... Wishing has the flavor of hope and, if not angling directly toward happiness, at least hoping to perhaps gain help in some circumstance or other. Animals also must have wishes. I know my cat Aslan meows a certain way when night is coming and he wishes to be let out. Horses enclosed in a stall wish to run. Dogs in the house wish to get out. Foxes wish they could jump high enough to nibble at the tempting grapes. I guess there's no end to wishing. My wish for you? May all your wishes come true.

Last Tango With the Dark Side...

Later for 'Last Tango with the Dark Side or - 'End of Seances' by Brandy Larson October, 2012 It was a quiet Sunday morning. I'd just finished writing my 600 wordy Halloween story for Wisconsin Public Radio, a topical flash fiction event. Amir had just woken up and trudged up our stairs and into the dining room. Barely awake, he said - Is someone here? No - I replied. He said - I heard some heavy footsteps just now on the stairs. This was exactly what was in the true story I had just completed. He said he also heard some kind of moaning. This was not part of the story. At this moment I was considering whether to submit my story. It was a true encounter with the dark side - witnessed by 3 people who together all had the same exact experience. And it scared the hell out of us. Topical - sure, but why turn this loose on the airwaves? Amir drank a quick coffee and took off for the library. I surrounded myself in white light, saying the Unity Prayer of Protection - "The light of God surrounds me, the love of God enfolds me, the presence of God watches over me, where ever I am God is." I lit a cedar smudge stick and smudged myself front and back, then smudged the whole house - basement, inside all cupboards and closets - with purifying smoke. The next day I picked up the Aug 15 & 22nd, 2011 editions of the New Yorker magazine at Willy St Coop, free book shelf. A story called fiction "Gilgul" by Yosef Hayim Yershlam was featured. It tells how he was introduced to a fortune teller somewhere in Israel who had his number, so to speak. At the time he didn't know what to make of the experience, but many years later her prediction came true. He quotes the Bible in the middle of his story "Turn ye not unto the ghosts, nor unto familiar spirits, seek them not out, to be defiled by them." I Googled this, since his story made no attribution as to chapter and verse. I came found Leviticus, also called the Third Book of Moses, chapter 19 verse 31. I checked my King James Version Reference Bible, School and Library Edition, 1960 John A Hertel Co. "Regard not them that have familiar spirits, nor seek after wizards, to be defiled by them." The Torah and the King James versions apparently differ, but the message is the same. I just shredded the first story I wrote for this competition, but am wondering - should burn it?