Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Away 11/13 Glenndala lay on her tiny trundle bed, her luminescence fast fading. Aunt Winnie cried "It's the only chance we have - Away! To Shadow Mountain before the sun's last rays - to Aunt Isabella's. An herb that grows there alone - it's the only thing that will revive Grandmother." I hopped on my pony and left at speed, soon picking up the trail at the foot of the mountain. Shimmer shied when we reached the flimsy rope bridge as it swayed in the wind between two promontories. I bent forward and whispered into her furry ear. She stepped gently forward as I sang a quiet tune, softly urging her on. We hopped happily onto the living stone - Away! ascending again the narrow, rocky path as it traversed the mountain. The sun was fast sliding behind the mountain and the blue jays shrieked, the chill gusty wind set the dark pines swaying. I finally spied the lights of the little cottage just as the trail faded to black. I made out Aunt Isabella, silhouetted on the porch, waving me in. We swept into the golden room, flames licking up in the fireplace. A gleaming copper cauldron steamed on its hook. Twinkle, Bella's familiar, curled nearby, the white tip of her tail covering her foxy nose. "Child, there's just time for you to have a taste of this," Isabella said as she dipped something hot and spicy into an old earthenware cup. "The wind sent me word of Glendie's distress." She reached above the fireplace for a wisp of herbs hanging there tied in a purple ribbon. Sipping, I warmed myself by the fire. "The full moon has just risen, tonight is clear - Away! my Precious. Take this - " she slipped a green, faintly glowing wishing stone into my palm - "it's magic will protect you on your return home." She tied a lamb's fleece around my shoulders. Kissing me on the forehead she whispered "Goddess speed." Away! The Moon shone and the mountain paths glowed sliver, lighting our way. At the promontory I gasped. The wicked wind had worked it's rage on the bridge. It was twisted and un-passable. The green stone! I pulled it out of my pocket. Holding it high and offering it to the Moonlight I breathed deep and spoke the magic words. I focused my mind's eye on the opposite side. In a twinkling Shimmer's hooves rang out as we landed securely on the other side. Away!