Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Rollover Rover

Rollover Rover by Brandy Larson I was dozing and dreaming under a leafless tree with my best friend Flicka here at the OK Corral. We were glad the trail riding season was pretty much over. So many hot, long days and clueless riders. She drove in with a car full of mutts, as usual. I was saddled up for her pleasure. She’d brought a couple of apples for me, but this late in the year, kindness will only get you so far. As usual, her collie pup was jumping up like he thought he should be riding on top with her. So far as I know no one has invented a dogie side saddle. We moved out and I was walking a slowly as I could as the dog pack spread out into the underbrush. I made sure to pass under every low hanging branch I could see, but she just laughed and called me a bad boy. When we finally got out to the meadow she used the reins to whip me lightly on the neck, an annoyance more than anything, while giving me a kick or two in the sides, urging me to run. Like that was going to happen. Quick as lightning, I threw myself down on the ground. She moved faster than I thought she could, scrambling clear as I rolled over onto my side. She jumped up and looked me in the eye. I gave her an evil stare. This was effective and she walked leading me for some long, thoughtful minutes, successfully averting the galloping part of this ride. Too soon she remounted and we turned in the direction of the barn. She finally got her little run in, as I took off like the wind - quick as I could - like any good old, rental trail horse should. Back at the ranch she told Ned about the rollover and said after that she was afraid that I might bite her. I hadn’t thought of that but will keep it in mind. He gave me a stern look but, so long after that fact, what could he do? She coughed up some cash for Ned and herded her dogs back into the jalopy. I was led off to a stall for a little light grooming. Ahhh. Well she never returned, no, she never returned and her fate is still unlearned… But I have a suspicion that her riding days are over.